EVO-ALL All-in-One Data Data Bypass & Interface Module

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• Universal all-in-one data bypass & interface module;• Compatible with up to 2,300 different 1998-2011 vehicles including push-to-start vehicles;• 3 onboard LEDs for simple programming & diagnostic;• Preloaded, updateable firmware;• 2-way data port for data-to-data communication to remote start, combination & security systems;• 3 CANbus controllers;• 3 general-purpose controllers--J1850, Class-2, encrypted key, etc.;• 2 onboard relays for easier installation on vehicle;• 1 analog controller 0V-12V DC @ 20mV steps--Passlock(R), MUX;• 20-wire general purpose plug for wire-to-wire connection to nondatalink-equipped remote-start & security systems;• Self-learning algorithm automatically detects the vehicle during programming & adjusts accordingly
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Country of Origin: Canada

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