GMS 120 Electronic Multi-Scanner

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• Multimode detection for detection of wood studs, metal objects or live wiring;• Illuminated ring indicates detection status--green (no object found)/orange (object near)/red (object found within the detectable sensor area) ;• Automatic center finder locates center of detected wood or metal object,;• Illuminated graphical display indicates mode, detection strength & more ;• Audible detection signal with on/off button;• Ergonomic soft-grip sides for secure grip & comfort;• Illuminated ring indicates detection status;• 3 selection modes (wood, metal, AC wiring) with automatic calibration for easy & precise detection ;• Detects copper wiring up to 2" deep;• Detects ferrous metals up to 4 3/4" deep;• Detects nonferrous metals up to 3 1/8" deep;• Operating temp: 14deg F-122deg F;• Weight: 1.7lb;• Includes hand strap & 9V battery
Warranty: Ninety Days
Country of Origin: China

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