Power Dome(TM) PLEX Jump Starter, Air Compressor and Inverter

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• Jump starter features:;• Battery jump starter: 300 cranking amps; 1,000 peak amps;• 12-volt, 14 Ah sealed lead-acid battery;• Antisparking (via safety switch) and reverse polarity (indicator light protection);• 6 gauge, 24 in. jumper cable;• Air compressor features:;• 260 PSI air compressor with analog pressure gauge;• High-temperature automatic shutdown;• Includes air hose nozzle adapter tips;• Power inverter features:;• 400 watts AC continuous; 800 watts peak surge;• Two 115-volt, 60 Hz AC outlets;• 40 amp built-in external fuse (replaceable) inverter overload protection;• Additional features include:;• 12-volt, 11 amps max outlet;• 5-volt, 2.1 amp USB power port ;• AM/FM radio with 3.5 mm aux input;• 50 lumen, 5-LED work light;• Analog voltmeter;• AC charging time: 34 hours ;• DC charging time: 12 hours;• Ability to accept 12-volt solar panel for charging ;• Includes charging adapters for vehicle (12-volt DC) and home (110-volt AC);• Dimensions: 12 in. W x 9 in. L x 11.5 in. H;• Weight: 17.5 lbs.
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: China

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